Sleeve Label Machine: SFM-01 Model

Automatic sleeve label machines to put and dry labels around 250 – 1,500 ml PET bottles are produced and distributed by Mahathanee Industrial Co., Ltd. The SFM-01machines can be easily functioned. Users just align bottles on the conveyor belt and the machine will put the sleeve labels on the bottles and dry the bottles automatically with hot air discharged from the blowing tube. The hot air will blow only the labels; hence, the bottles will not lose their shapes compared with the bottles that are put in other types of label drying machines.

Details of the Sleeve Label Machine

– Machine Size: 2000L x 860W x 1800H mm

– Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel

– Weight: about 500kgs (main machine)

– Diameter of Bottle: Φ25-Φ50mm, Φ50-Φ95mm, Φ95-Φ130mm, the size can be customized by customers

– Label Material: OPP, BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, etc…

– Height of Label: 25mm-300mm

– Thickness of Label: 0.03mm-0.13mm

– Diameter of Label: 5″-10″

– Machine Speed: At the Internal Height of Label of 100mm (Label height exceeding 100 mm will reduce the speed.)

– Electromotive Force (EMF): 3 phase 380V/220V

– Maximum Electric Power: main machine 2.5KW

Details of the Sleeve Label Machine

– Machine Size: 1800L x 500W x 600H mm

– Machine Weight: about 200 kg (main machine)

– EFM: 3 phase 400V/220V

– Electric Power of Blower: 9 KW

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Easily functioned and effective

Quick and accurate with reliable quality

Able to meet the needs of customers who want all-in-one sleeve label and label drying machines with accurate label put

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Specification of Machine

เปรียบเทียบรายละเอียดของเครื่องจักร รุ่นต่างๆ


Clamping Force

- kg

Clamping Stroke

- mm

Max. Stretching Stroke

- mm

Bottom Moving Stroke

- mm

Number of Cavities

- cavities

Mould Thickness

- mm

Max. Container Diameter

- ml


Neck Diameter

- kg

Max. Container Diameter

- mm

Max. Height

- mm

Theoretical Output

- B.P.H.

Electrical System

Voltage Standard


Number of Heating Zone


Total Power

- KW

Heating Power

- KW

Max. Heating Power

- KW

PID Temperature Control

Auto Feeding Preform


Air System

Operating Pressure

- kg/cm²

Air Consuming

- ltr/min

Blowing Pressure

- kg/cm²

Air Consuming

- ltr/min

Cooling Water

Temp. of Chiller Water

- °C


Machine Size (W x L x H)

- mm

Machine Weight

- kg