Recycled plastic

the American Society of Plastics (The Society of the Plastics Industy, Inc.) to define the standard symbols of various groups of plastics Which can be recycled for reuse, which is called recycle. There are 7 types as follows

Plastic numbers 1 is Polyethylne Terephthalate or PET.

Is a clear plastic, strong, resistant to impact as well Not easily brittle High flexibility and good protection against permeability Commonly used to make bottles for drinking water, vegetable oil bottles

Can be recycled into fibers for making sweaters, rugs and synthetic fibers for stuffed pillows etc.

Plastic numbers 2 is High Density Polyethylene or HDPE.

Is a plastic that is tough, cracked, quite hard, but can be flexible Resistant to chemicals and can be easily molded into various forms such as drinking water bottles, bottles, plastic carry bags, water tanks, packaging for cleaning, etc.

Can be recycled into Engine oil bottle Laundry detergent bottles, pipes, plastic crates, artificial plants used for gardening benches, etc.

Plastic numbers 3 is polyvinyl chloride (Polyvinylchloride) or PVC

Is a plastic that is strong, chemical resistant, water resistant, can be made into a variety of colors Suitable for making water pipes Wire insulation Artificial leather bags, PVC doors, etc.

Can be recycled into Water supply pipes or agriculture gutter, traffic cones, furniture, benches, plastic, tape cassette, cable, artificial wood, etc.

Plastic numbers 4 is a low density polyethylene or LDPE.

Is a plastic that is soft, tough, flexible, clear, not heat resistant Commonly used to make frozen food wrap film, bread wrap, cooler bag, food packaging etc.

Can be recycled into Black bags for garbage bags, handle bags, trash can, floor tiles, furniture, artificial wood, etc.

Plastic numbers 5 is a polypropylene (Polypropylene) or PP

Is a plastic that is clear Heat resistant, stable, tough, and highly flexible Resistant to chemicals and oils Can be used with temperatures up to 175 degrees Celsius, such as food boxes for microwave Plastic heat bags for food, bowls, plates, buckets, baskets, barrels for chilled water, bottles, sauces, glasses, yogurt, etc.

Can be recycled into Car battery box Automobile parts, such as bumpers, taillights and brooms, plastic brushes, etc.

Plastic numbers 6 is polystyrene (Polystyrene) or PS

Is a plastic that is clear But broken and easily broken Suitable for making foam, boxes, cups, and plates as they are easy to mold. Can print beautiful colors or patterns And can be used with temperatures from -10 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius

Can be recycled into clothes hangers, video boxes, rulers, thermometers, switch boards, heat insulators, egg trays, tools, utensils etc.

Plastic numbers 7 are other plastic (Other) or a product made from many kinds of plastic That is not one of the 6 types of plastic mentioned above But is a plastic that can be melted again Most of them are glass of water. Opaque drinking water bottles, crockery, tanks, plates, futures boards, hot bags, cooler bags, garbage bags, sacks, fertilizer, plastic straps, bottle caps, etc.