Vertical Label Dryer Model: SF-01

Vertical Label Dryer For baking pet bottles by Maha Thani Industry Is a manufacturer and distributor Easy way of working Of this SF-01 label dryer by placing the bottle upside down on the nozzle of the knife. The machine will automatically dry the dryer with hot air out of the blowing tube. By blowing only the label area Resulting in the bottle not deforming when the Combine with other label ovens.


High quality plastic bottle blowing machine with a design that fits with the plastic bottle.

Resulting in the bottle not losing its form in baking when heated Will only be heated by the label film

Adjust the height - low according to the bottle size

From machine development design Can adjust according to need Bottle size from 250-1500 ml

Easy to use, easy to maintain

Easy operation Easy to clean and maintain And have good after-sales service